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Our MAT Safeguarding Policy can be found on our Policy page

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is: Mrs Emma Kerr

Our Deputy DSLs are: Mrs Abi Flashman and Mrs Jade Morgan

Our school is a "caring community" and aims to provide a secure and happy atmosphere for the children. If you are concerned about the welfare or lack of social skills of any child in the school, please contact Mrs Kerr who is the person responsible for pastoral care, and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead. It is hoped that parents will not be hesitant in contacting the staff when there are any queries and, if necessary, appointments can be made to see parents out of school hours.

If you are concerned about a child's safety (outside of school hours) please contact the Multi Agency referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116.

Staff and Pupil Safety - School Security

School security is very important, and at present security measures include:

  • All visitors are challenged

  • Visitors sign in and out

  • Children only leave with a known adult

  • Security alarms are set in both buildings when unoccupied

  • Security lights operate during the hours of darkness

  • Lone working arrangements

Keeping Children Safe Online

We hold annual workshops for children and parents to ensure that all stakeholders are well informed and up to date regarding how to ensure full transparency on children’s safety online.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Child Sexual Exploitation is child abuse involving children and young people receiving something, such as attention, affection, gifts, alcohol, drugs or accommodation, as a result of them being coerced into performing sexual activities, or having others perform sexual acts on them. It can occur without physical contact, when children are groomed to post indecent sexual images of themselves on the internet.

Any young person can become a victim of sexual exploitation and many young people, who are being exploited, frequently do not recognise they are being abused. The link between children being sexually exploited and children going missing is a recognised risk factor. Children who go missing may be ‘pushed away’ following abuse or other factors and/or ‘pulled away’ because they are being exploited.

Please see on the poster below for more information and guidance on the indicators.

Brook Traffic Lights toolkit - sexualised behaviours.pdf

Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass directly connects the police with schools to ensure better outcomes for children who are subject or witness to police-attended incidents of domestic abuse. Rapid provision of support within the school environment means children are better safeguarded against the short-, medium- and long-term effects of domestic abuse.

The ‘Prevent’ Strategy

All staff have had relevant training on the Government’s ‘Preventing Radicalisation’ agenda.

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