Emma Kerr

Welcome from Mrs Emma Kerr, Executive Principal

"All children have the right to a world class education which is rich in aspiration, experience, discovery, play and wonder - and that is what we deliver at Egloskerry Primary School.

If there had ever been a moment to exemplify the importance of schools being innovative, multidisciplinary and adaptable; 2020+ was the time to showcase it. Since Covid, pupils have had opportunities to prove that they are often more resilient and independent than we give them credit for. The spotlight is now on pupils who are adept at understanding the world, on practical open ended activities and embracing creativity - or ‘tinkering’. Tinkering and purposeful ‘play’ is an essential and phenomenal life skill to equip children with, modelled via an engaging teaching approach and carefully crafted curriculum. Immersive learning and play are at the heart of our curriculum and ethos; our learning environments, inside and out, have been developed to reflect this.

Time spent in nature and natural settings, influences a child’s play, learning, holistic development and connections in and to the natural world. Regular opportunities for learning outdoors results in improved confidence, risk-taking opportunities, improved health, wellness and the developing seeds of environmental stewardship and reciprocity.

In addition, opening up a world of opportunity, exploration and experiences to children underpins our values and ethos; adventure at the core."

Egloskerry Primary works closely with our partner Primaries, Altarnun and Launceston Primary Schools. To find out more about these settings, please click on the links below.

Altarnun Primary School

Launceston Primary School