School Development Plan

What is a ‘School Development Plan’?

Each year the Principal, staff and governors develop a School Development Plan. This includes areas of personal and academic skills the school wishes to further develop over the next school year, for both pupils and staff.

The areas are identified through our self-evaluation of what we do and how the children are progressing. It also includes aspects decided by the government. The Development Plan works across Launceston, Egloskerry and Altarnun Primary schools (Primary schools in our Trust).

Our self-evaluation includes:

  • Termly Pupil progress meetings and data scrutiny

  • Audit visits from our School Improvement Partner (SIP)

  • Moderation across schools

  • Ongoing auditing against our ‘School Evaluation Form’ (SEF)

  • Governor monitoring and challenge linked to our School Development Plan

  • Parent, Staff and Pupil surveys (termly)

  • Feedback from the Stakeholder Meeting in the summer term

Please contact us if you have any queries about the development of the school.

Strategic Aim 1 - Curriculum Development

Develop excellence in teaching and learning in foundation subjects.

Egloskerry Focus: Science, History, Art/Design, Phonics/early reading

Strategic Aim 2 - Metacognition

Develop language about metacognition. To equip children with the skills they need to become intrinsically motivated, independent and successful learners.

Strategic Aim 3 - Oracy

All pupils are taught a wide enough vocabulary to ensure they achieve as well as they could do.