Our Commitment. Our Community.

Aims & Values of the School

At Egloskerry pupils play together, learn together and grow together."

Community, family and success for all lie at the heart of our vision - without exception. We are an ethical community, guided by our Eco School work, helping to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change.

We give everyone in our school family the chance to shape a better future for themselves, the community and the world. Egloskerry Primary School children grow into well-rounded pupils with a passion for life, a love of learning and a breadth of interests enabling adaptation to the fast changing world around them.

Our mission is for all of our children to delight in life experiences and achievement. We will focus on high academic achievement with an ethos of developing character and creativity in minds and hearts.

Mrs Emma Kerr, Executive Principal

Values of the School


  • To achieve the highest quality of teaching, learning and standards of attainment and progress.

  • To develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to think deeply, question critically and debate rationally.


  • To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child.

  • To promote health awareness via healthy eating, exercise and a supportive environment so that children are physically, mentally and emotionally safe.


  • To encourage children to be independent learners who are happy, confident, secure and have respect for others.

  • To offer equal opportunity and access to the curriculum, which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated.


  • To ensure pupils develop sustainable life-skills via a balance of social and academic skills enabling pupils to make choices and achieve ambitions.

  • To care for and provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment in which the children are motivated to work hard to achieve high standards.


  • To promote partnership between child, parent, teacher, governor and community.

  • To ensure all staff are valued within a reflective and developing team.

Image of Launceston Castle and houses
Children stood on the moors

Our Community

Egloskerry Primary School is part of The Athena Learning Trust, with Launceston and Altarnun Primary Schools, Launceston College, Bideford College and Atlantic Academy.

The success of the school is built on strong relationships between the school and the wider community ensuring that pupils know, understand and respect the diversity within the school, the local area, our country and the world. They develop a respect for the environment and an understanding and tolerance of others that will ensure that they will become successful, responsible and happy world citizens.

We consider the “through school” education to be paramount to success.

We have close links with local nurseries, to ensure that children have a smooth transition to ‘big school’ and start in Reception ‘school ready’. Through our established relationships with staff at Launceston College, we ensure that there is no dip in learning from Reception to Year 11, and beyond. The school’s geographical proximity to Launceston College will ensure pupils have access to both specialist teaching and specialist facilities not accessible to most primary age pupils. The cross phase development of teaching will enable best practice to aid the development of learning throughout all educational phases.