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Newsletter 02.11.21

Half - term is now over and we’re back in school. We hope you enjoyed your break and your Halloween. We’re all looking forward to getting back into lessons and the special event: HAPPY FEET!!!

Happy Feet:

Most of the bigger parts have been handed out to the people that wanted them. Happy feet will include each class performing their own scenes throughout the story of Mumble, a tap-dancing penguin.

The School’s Extension:

A fence has now been added to the side of the playground next to the fitness zone. Work continues on another addition to the area as well in Replace of the cob shelters that were much older and slightly rotting. The new box shelter, be used as more of a quiet space to just sit peacefully or read. Thank You to Mrs Kerr who is organising this update to our play area. We are excited to see the finished produced addition!


In Class 3, last year we sent a letter to Scott Man for him to come and do a Q and A with class 3. He was able to do a google meet with us and everyone wrote down some questions that he answered. This year we are writing persuasive letters to Scott Mann about a problem we want him to bring up in parliament and hopefully we will soon be able to see results!

The First week Back after half term in Class 3:


Class 3 has been focusing on addition methods and how you could work different questions out, these methods include rounding, number lines and column addition. Year5’s are often assigned their own papers to work through and then the same for the year sixes and then a challenge if they successfully completed the last sheet.


After everyone had written their scary stories for Halloween, Mr Chorlton looked through them using an app to mark our work and see what we could do to edit and improve our work. We highlighted what we have used and if that could be built up more and then edited again. Also, through another point in our literacy lesson, links to Parliament week and you can scroll up to read more about that.



Our most recent language is Cornish and Class 3 is currently using a website where you have a story and some words are mentioned in the text in cornish. The first word class 3 ever learned in Cornish is Gwag Ov vy.

Meaning ‘I am hungry’ which is now our favourite phrase.


A while ago we were doing some Spanish in our Language lessons, taught by Mr Chorlton because our other Spanish teacher has been teaching at college. We were covering the basics like we usually do, we were looking at the different kinds of weather and then drawing them out and writing the spanish for them.


Our topic is still Saving the planet and we have done many featured activities about this. People are doing lots to help our planet and optimistically, if we do get our letter to parliament mentioned that can spread the dilemma further and every small part of helping does a lot for the planet. Local shops are respecting climate change and buying planet friendly products.

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Happy Feet -Spoiler for the play dancing scene



Last week, the podcast was posted on the Egloskerry School website so you can listen to it. After many bloopers, trial and errors, it was finally finished. It includes interviews with some guests, a book review and a pov from the podcast crew. Another recording will be posted every other week. We hope you enjoy listening (to it if you did). If you did want to hear it, the Between The Bells podcast is on the school website. We will be posting a new episode soon where we will interview some pupils from the class.

Half Term:

After another few weeks half term has turned up again. We hope you all enjoy your half term and have an amazing break! What will you do throughout the half term? Maybe something outside if the weather is collaborative, though it has been a bit rainy and we’re starting to feel winter coming. Either way, make the most of the break.

Halloween Disco re-cap/Happy Feet:

Thank You all FOEP’s who helped with the halloween disco for each key stage. Everyone enjoyed an amazing evening with drinks, snacks and very loud music. Congratulations to the Halloween Disco Dance Competition, judged by Mr Chorlton. After half term each class will start looking into the Happy Feet Christmas Production. The Auditions happened last Friday and the people who wanted a certain part could audition for it.

Throughout Class 3:


In Literacy, We have been working on an eerie story set (being the halloween month). Everyone is given a set beginning, but from there everyone could make it up. We each have such different ideas even though the start are all exactly the same. Mr Chorlton showed us a lovely picture of a haunted doll made for Christmas. Many people were influenced by this…

However the first draft is being written and a final write up should happen in a later week.

To build up to begin the setting, we read through Melt, mentioned in an older newsletter and investigated the build up of a setting description.


In maths we are looking at different addition strategies and decimals within the number to make it more tricky. We have made different representations on the table using things like numicon, base ten and multi-link cubes.


Mrs Kerr takes us for Geography and has let us go into different biome groups to make a presentation. The groups include Tundra, Grasslands, Deserts, aquatic and Rainforest. Everyone is working to create their presentation to be their own with original ideas, such as dioramas, raps, fact files, books and online presentations.


Mr Chorlton takes class two and three for using the computers. We go on websites like Scratch and code.Org, where you can code your own game or play others. With the person sitting next to you, you would create an ;9u

animation. Some were shown on the board and there were some hilarious motion including an among us motion, a shark eating a fish.

Playground Extension:

In assembly Mrs Kerr revealed some big news, in the middle of the playground where we currently have the arch we will be installing a cube like structure that we can go in if we want a bit of quiet time


Halloween Disco:

On Friday is the halloween disco! Everyone have a happy halloween! Here in the hall at egloskerry, the disco shall go on. Key Stage 1 shall be on three till four and Key Stage 2, Class two and three shall be on for half four till half five. Most of class 3 are extremely excited about the evening. There will be music,


This week we have begun the Between the bell podcast. We had an interview with the orangutan aid carers, who have a rescue center in Indonesia. They are called Nigel and Sarah. They explained to each class about the conflict between orangutans and humans. We gave them an interview with the crew and they answered our questions such as what conditions they came in, or how long they have been orangutan doctors/nurses. They explained the conflict between humans and animals and how it was affecting the rainforests. Nigel, had his finger bitten off by a young male orangutan which was an interesting story told to each class. We want a special thanks to Nigel and Sarah and you can visit the website here :)

Orangutan Charity | Orangutan Veterinary Aid - OVAID ...

Tag Rugby:

Yesterday, class three went to the tag rugby competition between eight other schools. It was a set of different rugby themed activities and then a tournament in the afternoon. There were schools there such as Tregadillett, St Catherines and our close school Aulternun. It was a close match and everyone mostly enjoyed themselves.

There were no major injuries through each school, and thankfully our players remained unaffected. Egloskerry came fourth out of six schools and I think we did amazing considering most had experience with tag rugby and had been practising for a few weeks at least. Before the tournament a ruby Launceston college teacher came to explain how to play against other teams. It was a really fun day and was an amazing experience and it was very nice to go back and do it again after not being able to play the year before due to covid.

Half Term:

We have the end of this week and next week before half term! After half term we shall be going to look into Happy Feet our Christmas Play more. The parts will be given out for the auditions so the lines can be practised and before the first practise. Good luck to everyone auditioning, and we are excited to see what the Christmas play turns out like on the performance night.

Book Fair:

We have been having a book fair on this week, we have been able to look at some of the books and see which ones we have been interested in and after school some pupils have gone with there parents/careers to buy some. We have been using the online book fair app to purchase which has been a great success.

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Here is the plastic bag song. It is still stuck in everyone’s brains-

and Class 3 can’t stop singing it

PreviewPreview2:26The Bag Song | Nick Cope's Popcast | CBeebiesYouTube · CBeebies3 Jun 2020


Harvest Festival

This was another year of harvest festivals. Thankfully because covid restrictions have been lifted, we were able to have one this year. This would be the last time year sixes would be singing conkers (thankfully for some pupils).

Happy Feet

Over the course of Friday and next week there will be auditions for happy feet, our christmas play. This will be the last christmas play for year sixes in primary school. Further into the production children will be given costume information for their part.

Halloween Disco

On Friday next week the Halloween Disco shall be on for each class. Each Key Stage will have a different time, being decided by members of staff. Your child can feel free to dress up in a halloween themed costume or a casual disco outfit.

The Podcast

Soon there will be a school podcast, we will be doing it on school life and any events throughout the year. The people you will hear will be Thomas, Robin, Barney, Owen and Isabelle. Listen out for it and you can hear us talk about our views on our school week.

London Trip

Mrs Kerr and other teachers have planned an amazing trip to London in March. If you have further questions about the trip and are unsure about whether you want your child to go or not ask Mr Chorlton or other staff members attending to the trip. Other payment details in a letter handed out to class 3. ‘I am very excited and it will be an adventure’ said Hayley.

Some people are nervous about the trip, because it is a big step from a night over at Bachelors hall. Brandon thinks it will be really fun as long as he isn’t sick on the bus like Alfie during a previous trip

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Here is the link for conkers :)

2:15 Conkers YouTube · stub 76 2 Oct 2012

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